plot: 1D and 2D Plot widgets

This package provides a set of Qt widgets for plotting curves and images.

The plotting API is inherited from the PyMca plot API and is mostly compatible with it.

Those widgets supports interaction (e.g., zoom, pan, selections).

List of Qt widgets:

  • PlotWidget: A widget displaying a single plot.
  • PlotWindow: A PlotWidget with a configurable set of tools.
  • Plot1D: A widget with tools for curves.
  • Plot2D: A widget with tools for images.
  • ScatterView: A widget with tools for scatter plot.
  • ImageView: A widget with tools for images and a side histogram.
  • StackView: A widget with tools for a stack of images.

By default, those widget are using matplotlib. They can optionally use a faster OpenGL-based rendering (beta feature), which is enabled by setting the backend argument to 'gl' when creating the widgets (See PlotWidget).


This package depends on matplotlib. The OpenGL backend further depends on PyOpenGL and OpenGL >= 2.1.

For an introduction to the widgets of this package, see Getting started with plot widgets.

For examples of custom plot actions, see Adding custom plot actions.

Public modules

Main plot widgets:

Classes describing plot content:

Additionnal plot tool widgets: