alignment: SIFT Plan for linear alignment

Contains classes for image alignment on a reference images.

class LinearAlign(image, mask=None, extra=0, init_sigma=None, ctx=None, devicetype='all', platformid=None, deviceid=None, block_size=None, profile=False)[source]

Align images on a reference image based on an afine transformation (bi-linear + offset)


Call the OpenCL compiler

align(img, shift_only=False, return_all=False, double_check=False, relative=False, orsa=False)[source]

Align image on reference image

  • img – numpy array containing the image to align to reference
  • return_all – return in addition ot the image, keypoints, matching keypoints, and transformations as a dict
  • relative – update reference keypoints with those from current image to perform relative alignment

aligned image, or all informations, or None if no matching keypoints


If we are in debugging mode, prints out all timing for every single OpenCL call