Package structure

The silx.gui.plot3d package provides 3D visualisation widgets. This package is structured as follows.

Widget-level API

Widgets are available as modules of the silx.gui.plot3d packages.

The Plot3DWidget module provides the OpenGL canvas where the scene is rendered. The Plot3DWindow module provides a QMainWindow with a Plot3DWindow as its central widget and toolbars: InteractiveModeToolBar, ViewpointToolBar and OutputToolBar. QAction that can be associated with a Plot3DWidget are defined in the actions package. Toolbars and tool buttons are available in tools package.

The ScalarFieldView module defines the ScalarFieldView widget that displays iso-surfaces of a 3D scalar data set and the associated classes. The SFViewParamTree module defines a SFViewParamTree.TreeView widget that can be attached to a ScalarFieldView to control the display.