actions: Actions for PlotWidget

This package provides a set of QAction to use with PlotWidget

Those actions are useful to add menu items or toolbar items that interact with a PlotWidget.

It provides a base class used to define new plot actions: PlotAction.

For an introduction to creating custom plot actions, see Adding custom plot actions.

actions API

Actions are divided into the following sub-modules:

class PlotAction(plot, icon, text, tooltip=None, triggered=None, checkable=False, parent=None)[source]

Base class for QAction that operates on a PlotWidget.

  • plotPlotWidget instance on which to operate.
  • icon – QIcon or str name of icon to use
  • text (str) – The name of this action to be used for menu label
  • tooltip (str) – The text of the tooltip
  • triggered – The callback to connect to the action’s triggered signal or None for no callback.
  • checkable (bool) – True for checkable action, False otherwise (default)
  • parent – See QAction.