DataViewerFrame: Widget to display any kind of data

This module contains a DataViewer with a view selector.

class DataViewerFrame(parent=None)[source]

A DataViewer with a view selector.


This widget provides the same API as DataViewer. Therefore, for more documentation, take a look at the documentation of the class DataViewer.

import numpy
data = numpy.random.rand(500,500)
viewer = DataViewerFrame()

Emitted when the displayed view changes


Emitted when the data changes


Set a data view hooks for all the views

Parameters:context (DataViewHooks) – The hooks to use

Returns the list of registered views

Return type:List[DataView]

Returns the list of available views for the current data

Return type:List[DataView]

Create and returns available views which can be displayed by default by the data viewer. It is called internally by the widget. It can be overwriten to provide a different set of viewers.

Parameters:parent (QWidget) – QWidget parent of the views
Return type:List[]

Allow to add a view to the dataview.

If the current data support this view, it will be displayed.

Parameters:view (DataView) – A dataview

Allow to remove a view which was available from the dataview.

If the view was displayed, the widget will be updated.

Parameters:view (DataView) – A dataview

Set the data to view.

It mostly can be a h5py.Dataset or a numpy.ndarray. Other kind of objects will be displayed as text rendering.

Parameters:data (numpy.ndarray) – The data.

Returns the data


Set the displayed view using display mode.

Change the displayed view according to the requested mode.

Parameters:modeId (int) –

Display mode, one of

  • EMPTY_MODE: display nothing
  • PLOT1D_MODE: display the data as a curve
  • PLOT2D_MODE: display the data as an image
  • TEXT_MODE: display the data as a text
  • ARRAY_MODE: display the data as a table

See DataViewer.getViewFromModeId()

replaceView(modeId, newView)[source]

Replace one of the builtin data views with a custom view. See DataViewer.replaceView() for more documentation.

Parameters:newView (DataViews.DataView) – New data view
Returns:True if replacement was successful, else False