Application manuals

While pyFAI was first developped as a Python library to be used by developers, it evolved with applications allowing to analyse a full diffraction experiment without knowing anything about Python. Those scripts can be divided into 3 categories:

  • Pre-processing tools which prepare a dataset for the calibration tool, i.e. produce one image suitable for calibration.

  • Calibration tools which aim at the determination of the geometry of the experimental setup using Debye-Scherrer rings of a reference compound (or calibrant). They produce a PONI-file which contains this geometry

  • Integration tools which can reduce a full dataset using 1d or 2d integration, optionnally rebuiling images.

Pre-processing tools:
  • pyFAI-average: tool for averaging/median/… filtering stacks of images (i.e. for dark current)

Calibration tools:
  • pyFAI-calib2: manually select the rings and refine the geometry

Azimuthal integration tools:
  • pyFAI-integrate: the graphical interface for integration (GUI)

  • diff_map: diffraction imaging tool (command line and GUI)

Specific tools and deprecated scripts

Those tools are not recommended for general purpose use, some of them are deprecated, most of them see little maintenance and remain available only for compatibility reasons.