hdf5plugin provides HDF5 compression filters (namely: Blosc, Blosc2, BitShuffle, BZip2, FciDecomp, LZ4, SZ, SZ3, Zfp, ZStd) and makes them usable from h5py.

  • Supported operating systems: Linux, Windows, macOS.

  • Supported versions of Python: >= 3.7

  • Supported architectures: All. Specific optimizations are available for x86 family and ppc64le.

hdf5plugin provides a generic way to enable the use of the provided HDF5 compression filters with h5py that can be installed via pip or conda.

Alternatives to install HDF5 compression filters are: system-wide installation on Linux or other conda packages: blosc-hdf5-plugin, hdf5-lz4.


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