silx view


The silx view command is provided to open data files in a graphical user interface. It allows to select a particular piece of data or a particular header in structured data formats, and to view this data in plot widgets or in simple table views.

imgViewImg Image view
imgViewTable Viewing raw data as values in a table
imgViewHdf5 Viewing metadata and HDF5 attributes


silx view [-h] [--debug] [--use-opengl-plot] [files [files ...]]


-h, --help Show this help message and exit
--debug Set logging system in debug mode
 Use OpenGL for plots (instead of matplotlib)
-f, --fresh Start the application using new fresh user preferences
 Start the application with HDF5 file locking enabled (it is disabled by default)

Examples of usage

silx view 31oct98.dat
silx view *.edf
silx view myfile.h5