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# coding: utf-8
# /*##########################################################################
# Copyright (c) 2018-2021 European Synchrotron Radiation Facility
# Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy
# of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal
# in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights
# to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell
# copies of the Software, and to permit persons to whom the Software is
# furnished to do so, subject to the following conditions:
# The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in
# all copies or substantial portions of the Software.
# ###########################################################################*/
"""This module provides ROI interaction for :class:`~silx.gui.plot.PlotWidget`.

__authors__ = ["T. Vincent"]
__license__ = "MIT"
__date__ = "28/06/2018"

import enum
import logging
import time
import weakref
import functools

import numpy

from ... import qt, icons
from ...utils import blockSignals
from ...utils import LockReentrant
from .. import PlotWidget
from ..items import roi as roi_items

from ...colors import rgba

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

class CreateRoiModeAction(qt.QAction):
    This action is a plot mode which allows to create new ROIs using a ROI

    A ROI is created using a specific `roiClass`. `initRoi` and `finalizeRoi`
    can be inherited to custom the ROI initialization.

    :param class roiClass: The ROI class which will be created by this action.
    :param qt.QObject parent: The action parent
    :param RegionOfInterestManager roiManager: The ROI manager

    def __init__(self, parent, roiManager, roiClass):
        assert roiManager is not None
        assert roiClass is not None
        qt.QAction.__init__(self, parent=parent)
        self._roiManager = weakref.ref(roiManager)
        self._roiClass = roiClass
        self._singleShot = False

    def _initAction(self):
        """Default initialization of the action"""
        roiClass = self._roiClass

        name = None
        iconName = None
        if hasattr(roiClass, "NAME"):
            name = roiClass.NAME
        if hasattr(roiClass, "ICON"):
            iconName = roiClass.ICON

        if iconName is None:
            iconName = "add-shape-unknown"
        if name is None:
            name = roiClass.__name__
        text = 'Add %s' % name

    def getRoiClass(self):
        """Return the ROI class used by this action to create ROIs"""
        return self._roiClass

    def getRoiManager(self):
        return self._roiManager()

    def setSingleShot(self, singleShot):
        """Set it to True to deactivate the action after the first creation
        of a ROI.

        :param bool singleShot: New single short state
        self._singleShot = singleShot

    def getSingleShot(self):
        """If True, after the first creation of a ROI with this mode,
        the mode is deactivated.

        :rtype: bool
        return self._singleShot

    def _actionTriggered(self, checked):
        """Handle mode actions being checked by the user

        :param bool checked:
        :param str kind: Corresponding shape kind
        roiManager = self.getRoiManager()
        if roiManager is None:

        if checked:
            roiManager.start(self._roiClass, self)
            source = roiManager.getInteractionSource()
            if source is self:

    def __interactiveModeStarted(self, roiManager):

    def __interactiveModeFinished(self):
        roiManager = self.getRoiManager()
        if roiManager is not None:

    def initRoi(self, roi):
        """Inherit it to custom the new ROI at it's creation during the

    def __finalizeRoi(self, roi):
        if self._singleShot:
            roiManager = self.getRoiManager()
            if roiManager is not None:

    def finalizeRoi(self, roi):
        """Inherit it to custom the new ROI after it's creation when the
        interaction is finalized."""

class RoiModeSelector(qt.QWidget):
    def __init__(self, parent=None):
        super(RoiModeSelector, self).__init__(parent=parent)
        self.__roi = None
        self.__reentrant = LockReentrant()

        layout = qt.QHBoxLayout(self)
        if isinstance(parent, qt.QMenu):
            margins = layout.contentsMargins()
            layout.setContentsMargins(margins.left(), 0, margins.right(), 0)
            layout.setContentsMargins(0, 0, 0, 0)

        self._label = qt.QLabel(self)
        self._label.setToolTip("Select a specific interaction to edit the ROI")
        self._combo = qt.QComboBox(self)

    def getRoi(self):
        """Returns the edited ROI.

        :rtype: roi_items.RegionOfInterest
        return self.__roi

    def setRoi(self, roi):
        """Returns the edited ROI.

        :rtype: roi_items.RegionOfInterest
        if self.__roi is roi:
        if not isinstance(roi, roi_items.InteractionModeMixIn):
            self.__roi = None

        if self.__roi is not None:
        self.__roi = roi
        if self.__roi is not None:

    def isEmpty(self):
        return not self._label.isVisibleTo(self)

    def _updateAvailableModes(self):
        roi = self.getRoi()
        if isinstance(roi, roi_items.InteractionModeMixIn):
            modes = roi.availableInteractionModes()
            modes = []
        if len(modes) <= 1:
            with blockSignals(self._combo):
                for im, m in enumerate(modes):
                    self._combo.addItem(m.label, m)
                    self._combo.setItemData(im, m.description, qt.Qt.ToolTipRole)
                mode = roi.getInteractionMode()
                index = modes.index(mode)

    def _modeChanged(self, mode):
        """Triggered when the ROI interaction mode was changed externally"""
        if self.__reentrant.locked():
            # This event was initialised by the widget
        roi = self.__roi
        modes = roi.availableInteractionModes()
        index = modes.index(mode)
        with blockSignals(self._combo):

    def _modeSelected(self):
        """Triggered when the ROI interaction mode was selected in the widget"""
        index = self._combo.currentIndex()
        if index == -1:
        roi = self.getRoi()
        if roi is not None:
            mode = self._combo.itemData(index, qt.Qt.UserRole)
            with self.__reentrant:

class RoiModeSelectorAction(qt.QWidgetAction):
    """Display the selected mode of a ROI and allow to change it"""

    def __init__(self, parent=None):
        super(RoiModeSelectorAction, self).__init__(parent)
        self.__roiManager = None

    def createWidget(self, parent):
        """Inherit the method to create a new widget"""
        widget = RoiModeSelector(parent)
        manager = self.__roiManager
        if manager is not None:
            roi = manager.getCurrentRoi()
            self.setVisible(not widget.isEmpty())
        return widget

    def deleteWidget(self, widget):
        """Inherit the method to delete a widget"""
        return qt.QWidgetAction.deleteWidget(self, widget)

    def setRoiManager(self, roiManager):
        Connect this action to a ROI manager.

        :param RegionOfInterestManager roiManager: A ROI manager
        if self.__roiManager is roiManager:
        if self.__roiManager is not None:
        self.__roiManager = roiManager
        if self.__roiManager is not None:

    def __currentRoiChanged(self, roi):
        """Handle changes of the selected ROI"""

    def setRoi(self, roi):
        """Set a profile ROI to edit.

        :param ProfileRoiMixIn roi: A profile ROI
        widget = None
        for widget in self.createdWidgets():
        if widget is not None:
            self.setVisible(not widget.isEmpty())

[docs]class RegionOfInterestManager(qt.QObject): """Class handling ROI interaction on a PlotWidget. It supports the multiple ROIs: points, rectangles, polygons, lines, horizontal and vertical lines. See ```` sample code (:ref:`sample-code`). :param silx.gui.plot.PlotWidget parent: The plot widget in which to control the ROIs. """ sigRoiAdded = qt.Signal(roi_items.RegionOfInterest) """Signal emitted when a new ROI has been added. It provides the newly add :class:`RegionOfInterest` object. """ sigRoiAboutToBeRemoved = qt.Signal(roi_items.RegionOfInterest) """Signal emitted just before a ROI is removed. It provides the :class:`RegionOfInterest` object that is about to be removed. """ sigRoiChanged = qt.Signal() """Signal emitted whenever the ROIs have changed.""" sigCurrentRoiChanged = qt.Signal(object) """Signal emitted whenever a ROI is selected.""" sigInteractiveModeStarted = qt.Signal(object) """Signal emitted when switching to ROI drawing interactive mode. It provides the class of the ROI which will be created by the interactive mode. """ sigInteractiveRoiCreated = qt.Signal(object) """Signal emitted when a ROI is created during the interaction. The interaction is still incomplete and can be aborted. It provides the ROI object which was just been created. """ sigInteractiveRoiFinalized = qt.Signal(object) """Signal emitted when a ROI creation is complet. It provides the ROI object which was just been created. """ sigInteractiveModeFinished = qt.Signal() """Signal emitted when leaving interactive ROI drawing mode. """ ROI_CLASSES = ( roi_items.PointROI, roi_items.CrossROI, roi_items.RectangleROI, roi_items.CircleROI, roi_items.EllipseROI, roi_items.PolygonROI, roi_items.LineROI, roi_items.HorizontalLineROI, roi_items.VerticalLineROI, roi_items.ArcROI, roi_items.HorizontalRangeROI, ) def __init__(self, parent): assert isinstance(parent, PlotWidget) super(RegionOfInterestManager, self).__init__(parent) self._rois = [] # List of ROIs self._drawnROI = None # New ROI being currently drawn self._roiClass = None self._source = None self._color = rgba('red') self._label = "__RegionOfInterestManager__%d" % id(self) self._currentRoi = None """Hold currently selected ROI""" self._eventLoop = None self._modeActions = {} parent.sigPlotSignal.connect(self._plotSignals) parent.sigInteractiveModeChanged.connect( self._plotInteractiveModeChanged) parent.sigItemRemoved.connect(self._itemRemoved) parent._sigDefaultContextMenu.connect(self._feedContextMenu)
[docs] @classmethod def getSupportedRoiClasses(cls): """Returns the default available ROI classes :rtype: List[class] """ return tuple(cls.ROI_CLASSES)
# Associated QActions
[docs] def getInteractionModeAction(self, roiClass): """Returns the QAction corresponding to a kind of ROI The QAction allows to enable the corresponding drawing interactive mode. :param class roiClass: The ROI class which will be created by this action. :rtype: QAction :raise ValueError: If kind is not supported """ if not issubclass(roiClass, roi_items.RegionOfInterest): raise ValueError('Unsupported ROI class %s' % roiClass) action = self._modeActions.get(roiClass, None) if action is None: # Lazy-loading action = CreateRoiModeAction(self, self, roiClass) self._modeActions[roiClass] = action return action
# PlotWidget eventFilter and listeners def _plotInteractiveModeChanged(self, source): """Handle change of interactive mode in the plot""" if source is not self: self.__roiInteractiveModeEnded() def _getRoiFromItem(self, item): """Returns the ROI which own this item, else None if this manager do not have knowledge of this ROI.""" for roi in self._rois: if isinstance(roi, roi_items.RegionOfInterest): for child in roi.getItems(): if child is item: return roi return None def _itemRemoved(self, item): """Called after an item was removed from the plot.""" if not hasattr(item, "_roiGroup"): # Early break to avoid to use _getRoiFromItem # And to avoid reentrant signal when the ROI remove the item itself return roi = self._getRoiFromItem(item) if roi is not None: self.removeRoi(roi) # Handle ROI interaction def _handleInteraction(self, event): """Handle mouse interaction for ROI addition""" roiClass = self.getCurrentInteractionModeRoiClass() if roiClass is None: return # Should not happen kind = roiClass.getFirstInteractionShape() if kind == 'point': if event['event'] == 'mouseClicked' and event['button'] == 'left': points = numpy.array([(event['x'], event['y'])], dtype=numpy.float64) # Not an interactive creation roi = self._createInteractiveRoi(roiClass, points=points) roi.creationFinalized() self.sigInteractiveRoiFinalized.emit(roi) else: # other shapes if (event['event'] in ('drawingProgress', 'drawingFinished') and event['parameters']['label'] == self._label): points = numpy.array((event['xdata'], event['ydata']), dtype=numpy.float64).T if self._drawnROI is None: # Create new ROI # NOTE: Set something before createRoi, so isDrawing is True self._drawnROI = object() self._drawnROI = self._createInteractiveRoi(roiClass, points=points) else: self._drawnROI.setFirstShapePoints(points) if event['event'] == 'drawingFinished': if kind == 'polygon' and len(points) > 1: self._drawnROI.setFirstShapePoints(points[:-1]) roi = self._drawnROI self._drawnROI = None # Stop drawing roi.creationFinalized() self.sigInteractiveRoiFinalized.emit(roi) # RegionOfInterest selection def __getRoiFromMarker(self, marker): """Returns a ROI from a marker, else None""" # This should be speed up for roi in self._rois: if isinstance(roi, roi_items.HandleBasedROI): for m in roi.getHandles(): if m is marker: return roi else: for m in roi.getItems(): if m is marker: return roi return None
[docs] def setCurrentRoi(self, roi): """Set the currently selected ROI, and emit a signal. :param Union[RegionOfInterest,None] roi: The ROI to select """ if self._currentRoi is roi: return if roi is not None: # Note: Fixed range to avoid infinite loops for _ in range(10): target = roi.getFocusProxy() if target is None: break roi = target else: raise RuntimeError("Max selection proxy depth (10) reached.") if self._currentRoi is not None: self._currentRoi.setHighlighted(False) self._currentRoi = roi if self._currentRoi is not None: self._currentRoi.setHighlighted(True) self.sigCurrentRoiChanged.emit(roi)
[docs] def getCurrentRoi(self): """Returns the currently selected ROI, else None. :rtype: Union[RegionOfInterest,None] """ return self._currentRoi
def _plotSignals(self, event): """Handle mouse interaction for ROI addition""" clicked = False roi = None if event["event"] in ("markerClicked", "markerMoving"): plot = self.parent() legend = event["label"] marker = plot._getMarker(legend=legend) roi = self.__getRoiFromMarker(marker) elif event["event"] == "mouseClicked" and event["button"] == "left": # Marker click is only for dnd # This also can click on a marker clicked = True plot = self.parent() marker = plot._getMarkerAt(event["xpixel"], event["ypixel"]) roi = self.__getRoiFromMarker(marker) else: return if roi not in self._rois: # The ROI is not own by this manager return if roi is not None: currentRoi = self.getCurrentRoi() if currentRoi is roi: if clicked: self.__updateMode(roi) elif roi.isSelectable(): self.setCurrentRoi(roi) else: self.setCurrentRoi(None) def __updateMode(self, roi): if isinstance(roi, roi_items.InteractionModeMixIn): available = roi.availableInteractionModes() mode = roi.getInteractionMode() imode = available.index(mode) mode = available[(imode + 1) % len(available)] roi.setInteractionMode(mode) def _feedContextMenu(self, menu): """Called when the default plot context menu is about to be displayed""" roi = self.getCurrentRoi() if roi is not None: if roi.isEditable(): # Filter by data position # FIXME: It would be better to use GUI coords for it plot = self.parent() pos = plot.getWidgetHandle().mapFromGlobal(qt.QCursor.pos()) data = plot.pixelToData(pos.x(), pos.y()) if roi.contains(data): if isinstance(roi, roi_items.InteractionModeMixIn): self._contextMenuForInteractionMode(menu, roi) removeAction = qt.QAction(menu) removeAction.setText("Remove %s" % roi.getName()) callback = functools.partial(self.removeRoi, roi) removeAction.triggered.connect(callback) menu.addAction(removeAction) def _contextMenuForInteractionMode(self, menu, roi): availableModes = roi.availableInteractionModes() currentMode = roi.getInteractionMode() submenu = qt.QMenu(menu) modeGroup = qt.QActionGroup(menu) modeGroup.setExclusive(True) for mode in availableModes: action = qt.QAction(menu) action.setText(mode.label) action.setToolTip(mode.description) action.setCheckable(True) if mode is currentMode: action.setChecked(True) else: callback = functools.partial(roi.setInteractionMode, mode) action.triggered.connect(callback) modeGroup.addAction(action) submenu.addAction(action) submenu.setTitle("%s interaction mode" % roi.getName()) menu.addMenu(submenu) # RegionOfInterest API
[docs] def getRois(self): """Returns the list of ROIs. It returns an empty tuple if there is currently no ROI. :return: Tuple of arrays of objects describing the ROIs :rtype: List[RegionOfInterest] """ return tuple(self._rois)
[docs] def clear(self): """Reset current ROIs :return: True if ROIs were reset. :rtype: bool """ if self.getRois(): # Something to reset for roi in self._rois: roi.sigRegionChanged.disconnect( self._regionOfInterestChanged) roi.setParent(None) self._rois = [] self._roisUpdated() return True else: return False
def _regionOfInterestChanged(self, event=None): """Handle ROI object changed""" self.sigRoiChanged.emit() def _createInteractiveRoi(self, roiClass, points, label=None, index=None): """Create a new ROI with interactive creation. :param class roiClass: The class of the ROI to create :param numpy.ndarray points: The first shape used to create the ROI :param str label: The label to display along with the ROI. :param int index: The position where to insert the ROI. By default it is appended to the end of the list. :return: The created ROI object :rtype: roi_items.RegionOfInterest :raise RuntimeError: When ROI cannot be added because the maximum number of ROIs has been reached. """ roi = roiClass(parent=None) if label is not None: roi.setName(str(label)) roi.creationStarted() roi.setFirstShapePoints(points) self.addRoi(roi, index) if roi.isSelectable(): self.setCurrentRoi(roi) self.sigInteractiveRoiCreated.emit(roi) return roi
[docs] def containsRoi(self, roi): """Returns true if the ROI is part of this manager. :param roi_items.RegionOfInterest roi: The ROI to add :rtype: bool """ return roi in self._rois
[docs] def addRoi(self, roi, index=None, useManagerColor=True): """Add the ROI to the list of ROIs. :param roi_items.RegionOfInterest roi: The ROI to add :param int index: The position where to insert the ROI, By default it is appended to the end of the list of ROIs :param bool useManagerColor: Whether to set the ROI color to the default one of the manager or not. (Default: True). :raise RuntimeError: When ROI cannot be added because the maximum number of ROIs has been reached. """ plot = self.parent() if plot is None: raise RuntimeError( 'Cannot add ROI: PlotWidget no more available') roi.setParent(self) if useManagerColor: roi.setColor(self.getColor()) roi.sigRegionChanged.connect(self._regionOfInterestChanged) roi.sigItemChanged.connect(self._regionOfInterestChanged) if index is None: self._rois.append(roi) else: self._rois.insert(index, roi) self.sigRoiAdded.emit(roi) self._roisUpdated()
[docs] def removeRoi(self, roi): """Remove a ROI from the list of ROIs. :param roi_items.RegionOfInterest roi: The ROI to remove :raise ValueError: When ROI does not belong to this object """ if not (isinstance(roi, roi_items.RegionOfInterest) and roi.parent() is self and roi in self._rois): raise ValueError( 'RegionOfInterest does not belong to this instance') roi.sigAboutToBeRemoved.emit() self.sigRoiAboutToBeRemoved.emit(roi) if roi is self._currentRoi: self.setCurrentRoi(None) mustRestart = False if roi is self._drawnROI: self._drawnROI = None mustRestart = True self._rois.remove(roi) roi.sigRegionChanged.disconnect(self._regionOfInterestChanged) roi.sigItemChanged.disconnect(self._regionOfInterestChanged) roi.setParent(None) self._roisUpdated() if mustRestart: self._restart()
def _roisUpdated(self): """Handle update of the ROI list""" self.sigRoiChanged.emit() # RegionOfInterest parameters
[docs] def getColor(self): """Return the default color of created ROIs :rtype: QColor """ return qt.QColor.fromRgbF(*self._color)
[docs] def setColor(self, color): """Set the default color to use when creating ROIs. Existing ROIs are not affected. :param color: The color to use for displaying ROIs as either a color name, a QColor, a list of uint8 or float in [0, 1]. """ self._color = rgba(color)
# Control ROI
[docs] def getCurrentInteractionModeRoiClass(self): """Returns the current ROI class used by the interactive drawing mode. Returns None if the ROI manager is not in an interactive mode. :rtype: Union[class,None] """ return self._roiClass
[docs] def getInteractionSource(self): """Returns the object which have requested the ROI creation. Returns None if the ROI manager is not in an interactive mode. :rtype: Union[object,None] """ return self._source
[docs] def isStarted(self): """Returns True if an interactive ROI drawing mode is active. :rtype: bool """ return self._roiClass is not None
[docs] def isDrawing(self): """Returns True if an interactive ROI is drawing. :rtype: bool """ return self._drawnROI is not None
[docs] def start(self, roiClass, source=None): """Start an interactive ROI drawing mode. :param class roiClass: The ROI class to create. It have to inherite from `roi_items.RegionOfInterest`. :param object source: SOurce of the ROI interaction. :return: True if interactive ROI drawing was started, False otherwise :rtype: bool :raise ValueError: If roiClass is not supported """ self.stop() if not issubclass(roiClass, roi_items.RegionOfInterest): raise ValueError('Unsupported ROI class %s' % roiClass) plot = self.parent() if plot is None: return False self._roiClass = roiClass self._source = source self._restart() plot.sigPlotSignal.connect(self._handleInteraction) self.sigInteractiveModeStarted.emit(roiClass) return True
def _restart(self): """Restart the plot interaction without changing the source or the ROI class. """ roiClass = self._roiClass plot = self.parent() firstInteractionShapeKind = roiClass.getFirstInteractionShape() if firstInteractionShapeKind == 'point': plot.setInteractiveMode(mode='select', source=self) else: if roiClass.showFirstInteractionShape(): color = rgba(self.getColor()) else: color = None plot.setInteractiveMode(mode='select-draw', source=self, shape=firstInteractionShapeKind, color=color, label=self._label) def __roiInteractiveModeEnded(self): """Handle end of ROI draw interactive mode""" if self.isStarted(): self._roiClass = None self._source = None if self._drawnROI is not None: # Cancel ROI create roi = self._drawnROI self._drawnROI = None self.removeRoi(roi) plot = self.parent() if plot is not None: plot.sigPlotSignal.disconnect(self._handleInteraction) self.sigInteractiveModeFinished.emit()
[docs] def stop(self): """Stop interactive ROI drawing mode. :return: True if an interactive ROI drawing mode was actually stopped :rtype: bool """ if not self.isStarted(): return False plot = self.parent() if plot is not None: # This leads to call __roiInteractiveModeEnded through # interactive mode changed signal plot.resetInteractiveMode() else: # Fallback self.__roiInteractiveModeEnded() return True
[docs] def exec(self, roiClass): """Block until :meth:`quit` is called. :param class kind: The class of the ROI which have to be created. See `silx.gui.plot.items.roi`. :return: The list of ROIs :rtype: tuple """ self.start(roiClass) plot = self.parent() plot.raise_() self._eventLoop = qt.QEventLoop() self._eventLoop.exec() self._eventLoop = None self.stop() rois = self.getRois() self.clear() return rois
def exec_(self, roiClass): # Qt5-like compatibility return self.exec(roiClass)
[docs] def quit(self): """Stop a blocking :meth:`exec` and call :meth:`stop`""" if self._eventLoop is not None: self._eventLoop.quit() self._eventLoop = None self.stop()
[docs]class InteractiveRegionOfInterestManager(RegionOfInterestManager): """RegionOfInterestManager with features for use from interpreter. It is meant to be used through the :meth:`exec`. It provides some messages to display in a status bar and different modes to end blocking calls to :meth:`exec`. :param parent: See QObject """ sigMessageChanged = qt.Signal(str) """Signal emitted when a new message should be displayed to the user It provides the message as a str. """ def __init__(self, parent): super(InteractiveRegionOfInterestManager, self).__init__(parent) self._maxROI = None self.__timeoutEndTime = None self.__message = '' self.__validationMode = self.ValidationMode.ENTER self.__execClass = None self.sigRoiAdded.connect(self.__added) self.sigRoiAboutToBeRemoved.connect(self.__aboutToBeRemoved) self.sigInteractiveModeStarted.connect(self.__started) self.sigInteractiveModeFinished.connect(self.__finished) # Max ROI
[docs] def getMaxRois(self): """Returns the maximum number of ROIs or None if no limit. :rtype: Union[int,None] """ return self._maxROI
[docs] def setMaxRois(self, max_): """Set the maximum number of ROIs. :param Union[int,None] max_: The max limit or None for no limit. :raise ValueError: If there is more ROIs than max value """ if max_ is not None: max_ = int(max_) if max_ <= 0: raise ValueError('Max limit must be strictly positive') if len(self.getRois()) > max_: raise ValueError( 'Cannot set max limit: Already too many ROIs') self._maxROI = max_
[docs] def isMaxRois(self): """Returns True if the maximum number of ROIs is reached. :rtype: bool """ max_ = self.getMaxRois() return max_ is not None and len(self.getRois()) >= max_
# Validation mode
[docs] @enum.unique class ValidationMode(enum.Enum): """Mode of validation to leave blocking :meth:`exec`""" AUTO = 'auto' """Automatically ends the interactive mode once the user terminates the last ROI shape.""" ENTER = 'enter' """Ends the interactive mode when the *Enter* key is pressed.""" AUTO_ENTER = 'auto_enter' """Ends the interactive mode when reaching max ROIs or when the *Enter* key is pressed. """ NONE = 'none' """Do not provide the user a way to end the interactive mode. The end of :meth:`exec` is done through :meth:`quit` or timeout. """
[docs] def getValidationMode(self): """Returns the interactive mode validation in use. :rtype: ValidationMode """ return self.__validationMode
[docs] def setValidationMode(self, mode): """Set the way to perform interactive mode validation. See :class:`ValidationMode` enumeration for the supported validation modes. :param ValidationMode mode: The interactive mode validation to use. """ assert isinstance(mode, self.ValidationMode) if mode != self.__validationMode: self.__validationMode = mode if self.isExec(): if (self.isMaxRois() and self.getValidationMode() in (self.ValidationMode.AUTO, self.ValidationMode.AUTO_ENTER)): self.quit() self.__updateMessage()
[docs] def eventFilter(self, obj, event): if event.type() == qt.QEvent.Hide: self.quit() if event.type() == qt.QEvent.KeyPress: key = event.key() if (key in (qt.Qt.Key_Return, qt.Qt.Key_Enter) and self.getValidationMode() in ( self.ValidationMode.ENTER, self.ValidationMode.AUTO_ENTER)): # Stop on return key pressed self.quit() return True # Stop further handling of this keys if (key in (qt.Qt.Key_Delete, qt.Qt.Key_Backspace) or ( key == qt.Qt.Key_Z and event.modifiers() & qt.Qt.ControlModifier)): rois = self.getRois() if rois: # Something to undo self.removeRoi(rois[-1]) # Stop further handling of keys if something was undone return True return super(InteractiveRegionOfInterestManager, self).eventFilter(obj, event)
# Message API
[docs] def getMessage(self): """Returns the current status message. This message is meant to be displayed in a status bar. :rtype: str """ if self.__timeoutEndTime is None: return self.__message else: remaining = self.__timeoutEndTime - time.time() return self.__message + (' - %d seconds remaining' % max(1, int(remaining)))
# Listen to ROI updates def __added(self, *args, **kwargs): """Handle new ROI added""" max_ = self.getMaxRois() if max_ is not None: # When reaching max number of ROIs, redo last one while len(self.getRois()) > max_: self.removeRoi(self.getRois()[-2]) self.__updateMessage() if (self.isMaxRois() and self.getValidationMode() in (self.ValidationMode.AUTO, self.ValidationMode.AUTO_ENTER)): self.quit() def __aboutToBeRemoved(self, *args, **kwargs): """Handle removal of a ROI""" # RegionOfInterest not removed yet self.__updateMessage(nbrois=len(self.getRois()) - 1) def __started(self, roiKind): """Handle interactive mode started""" self.__updateMessage() def __finished(self): """Handle interactive mode finished""" self.__updateMessage() def __updateMessage(self, nbrois=None): """Update message""" if not self.isExec(): message = 'Done' elif not self.isStarted(): message = 'Use %s ROI edition mode' % self.__execClass else: if nbrois is None: nbrois = len(self.getRois()) name = self.__execClass._getShortName() max_ = self.getMaxRois() if max_ is None: message = 'Select %ss (%d selected)' % (name, nbrois) elif max_ <= 1: message = 'Select a %s' % name else: message = 'Select %d/%d %ss' % (nbrois, max_, name) if (self.getValidationMode() == self.ValidationMode.ENTER and self.isMaxRois()): message += ' - Press Enter to confirm' if message != self.__message: self.__message = message # Use getMessage to add timeout message self.sigMessageChanged.emit(self.getMessage()) # Handle blocking call def __timeoutUpdate(self): """Handle update of timeout""" if (self.__timeoutEndTime is not None and (self.__timeoutEndTime - time.time()) > 0): self.sigMessageChanged.emit(self.getMessage()) else: # Stop interactive mode and message timer timer = self.sender() if timer is not None: timer.stop() self.__timeoutEndTime = None self.quit()
[docs] def isExec(self): """Returns True if :meth:`exec` is currently running. :rtype: bool""" return self.__execClass is not None
[docs] def exec(self, roiClass, timeout=0): """Block until ROI selection is done or timeout is elapsed. :meth:`quit` also ends this blocking call. :param class roiClass: The class of the ROI which have to be created. See `silx.gui.plot.items.roi`. :param int timeout: Maximum duration in seconds to block. Default: No timeout :return: The list of ROIs :rtype: List[RegionOfInterest] """ plot = self.parent() if plot is None: return self.__execClass = roiClass plot.installEventFilter(self) if timeout > 0: self.__timeoutEndTime = time.time() + timeout timer = qt.QTimer(self) timer.timeout.connect(self.__timeoutUpdate) timer.start(1000) rois = super(InteractiveRegionOfInterestManager, self).exec(roiClass) timer.stop() self.__timeoutEndTime = None else: rois = super(InteractiveRegionOfInterestManager, self).exec(roiClass) plot.removeEventFilter(self) self.__execClass = None self.__updateMessage() return rois
def exec_(self, roiClass, timeout=0): # Qt5-like compatibility return self.exec(roiClass, timeout)
class _DeleteRegionOfInterestToolButton(qt.QToolButton): """Tool button deleting a ROI object :param parent: See QWidget :param RegionOfInterest roi: The ROI to delete """ def __init__(self, parent, roi): super(_DeleteRegionOfInterestToolButton, self).__init__(parent) self.setIcon(icons.getQIcon('remove')) self.setToolTip("Remove this ROI") self.__roiRef = roi if roi is None else weakref.ref(roi) self.clicked.connect(self.__clicked) def __clicked(self, checked): """Handle button clicked""" roi = None if self.__roiRef is None else self.__roiRef() if roi is not None: manager = roi.parent() if manager is not None: manager.removeRoi(roi) self.__roiRef = None
[docs]class RegionOfInterestTableWidget(qt.QTableWidget): """Widget displaying the ROIs of a :class:`RegionOfInterestManager`""" def __init__(self, parent=None): super(RegionOfInterestTableWidget, self).__init__(parent) self._roiManagerRef = None headers = ['Label', 'Edit', 'Kind', 'Coordinates', ''] self.setColumnCount(len(headers)) self.setHorizontalHeaderLabels(headers) horizontalHeader = self.horizontalHeader() horizontalHeader.setDefaultAlignment(qt.Qt.AlignLeft) horizontalHeader.setSectionResizeMode(0, qt.QHeaderView.Interactive) horizontalHeader.setSectionResizeMode(1, qt.QHeaderView.ResizeToContents) horizontalHeader.setSectionResizeMode(2, qt.QHeaderView.ResizeToContents) horizontalHeader.setSectionResizeMode(3, qt.QHeaderView.Stretch) horizontalHeader.setSectionResizeMode(4, qt.QHeaderView.ResizeToContents) verticalHeader = self.verticalHeader() verticalHeader.setVisible(False) self.setSelectionMode(qt.QAbstractItemView.NoSelection) self.setFocusPolicy(qt.Qt.NoFocus) self.itemChanged.connect(self.__itemChanged) def __itemChanged(self, item): """Handle item updates""" column = item.column() index = if index is not None: manager = self.getRegionOfInterestManager() roi = manager.getRois()[index] else: return if column == 0: # First collect information from item, then update ROI # Otherwise, this causes issues issues checked = item.checkState() == qt.Qt.Checked text= item.text() roi.setVisible(checked) roi.setName(text) elif column == 1: roi.setEditable(item.checkState() == qt.Qt.Checked) elif column in (2, 3, 4): pass # TODO else: logger.error('Unhandled column %d', column)
[docs] def setRegionOfInterestManager(self, manager): """Set the :class:`RegionOfInterestManager` object to sync with :param RegionOfInterestManager manager: """ assert manager is None or isinstance(manager, RegionOfInterestManager) previousManager = self.getRegionOfInterestManager() if previousManager is not None: previousManager.sigRoiChanged.disconnect(self._sync) self.setRowCount(0) self._roiManagerRef = weakref.ref(manager) self._sync() if manager is not None: manager.sigRoiChanged.connect(self._sync)
def _getReadableRoiDescription(self, roi): """Returns modelisation of a ROI as a readable sequence of values. :rtype: str """ text = str(roi) try: # Extract the params from syntax "CLASSNAME(PARAMS)" elements = text.split("(", 1) if len(elements) != 2: return text result = elements[1] result = result.strip() if not result.endswith(")"): return text result = result[0:-1] # Capitalize each words result = result.title() return result except Exception: logger.debug("Backtrace", exc_info=True) return text def _sync(self): """Update widget content according to ROI manger""" manager = self.getRegionOfInterestManager() if manager is None: self.setRowCount(0) return rois = manager.getRois() self.setRowCount(len(rois)) for index, roi in enumerate(rois): baseFlags = qt.Qt.ItemIsSelectable | qt.Qt.ItemIsEnabled # Label and visible label = roi.getName() item = qt.QTableWidgetItem(label) item.setFlags(baseFlags | qt.Qt.ItemIsEditable | qt.Qt.ItemIsUserCheckable) item.setData(qt.Qt.UserRole, index) item.setCheckState( qt.Qt.Checked if roi.isVisible() else qt.Qt.Unchecked) self.setItem(index, 0, item) # Editable item = qt.QTableWidgetItem() item.setFlags(baseFlags | qt.Qt.ItemIsUserCheckable) item.setData(qt.Qt.UserRole, index) item.setCheckState( qt.Qt.Checked if roi.isEditable() else qt.Qt.Unchecked) self.setItem(index, 1, item) item.setTextAlignment(qt.Qt.AlignCenter) item.setText(None) # Kind label = roi._getShortName() if label is None: # Default value if kind is not overrided label = roi.__class__.__name__ item = qt.QTableWidgetItem(label.capitalize()) item.setFlags(baseFlags) self.setItem(index, 2, item) item = qt.QTableWidgetItem() item.setFlags(baseFlags) # Coordinates text = self._getReadableRoiDescription(roi) item.setText(text) self.setItem(index, 3, item) # Delete delBtn = _DeleteRegionOfInterestToolButton(None, roi) widget = qt.QWidget(self) layout = qt.QHBoxLayout() layout.setContentsMargins(2, 2, 2, 2) layout.setSpacing(0) widget.setLayout(layout) layout.addStretch(1) layout.addWidget(delBtn) layout.addStretch(1) self.setCellWidget(index, 4, widget)
[docs] def getRegionOfInterestManager(self): """Returns the :class:`RegionOfInterestManager` this widget supervise. It returns None if not sync with an :class:`RegionOfInterestManager`. :rtype: RegionOfInterestManager """ return None if self._roiManagerRef is None else self._roiManagerRef()