Source code for silx.gui.plot._BaseMaskToolsWidget

# coding: utf-8
# /*##########################################################################
# Copyright (c) 2017-2020 European Synchrotron Radiation Facility
# Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy
# of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal
# in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights
# to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell
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# The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in
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# ###########################################################################*/
"""This module is a collection of base classes used in modules
:mod:`.MaskToolsWidget` (images) and :mod:`.ScatterMaskToolsWidget`
from __future__ import division

__authors__ = ["T. Vincent", "P. Knobel"]
__license__ = "MIT"
__date__ = "08/12/2020"

import os
import weakref

import numpy

from silx.gui import qt, icons
from silx.gui.widgets.FloatEdit import FloatEdit
from silx.gui.colors import Colormap
from silx.gui.colors import rgba
from .actions.mode import PanModeAction

[docs]class BaseMask(qt.QObject): """Base class for :class:`ImageMask` and :class:`ScatterMask` A mask field with update operations. A mask is an array of the same shape as some underlying data. The mask array stores integer values in the range 0-255, to allow for 254 levels of mask (value 0 is reserved for unmasked data). The mask is updated using spatial selection methods: data located inside a selected area is masked with a specified mask level. """ sigChanged = qt.Signal() """Signal emitted when the mask has changed""" sigStateChanged = qt.Signal() """Signal emitted for each mask commit/undo/redo operation""" sigUndoable = qt.Signal(bool) """Signal emitted when undo becomes possible/impossible""" sigRedoable = qt.Signal(bool) """Signal emitted when redo becomes possible/impossible""" def __init__(self, dataItem=None): self.historyDepth = 10 """Maximum number of operation stored in history list for undo""" # Init lists for undo/redo self._history = [] self._redo = [] # Store the mask self._mask = numpy.array((), dtype=numpy.uint8) # Store the plot item to be masked self._dataItem = None if dataItem is not None: self.setDataItem(dataItem) self.reset(self.getDataValues().shape) super(BaseMask, self).__init__()
[docs] def setDataItem(self, item): """Set a data item :param item: A plot item, subclass of :class:`silx.gui.plot.items.Item` :return: """ self._dataItem = item
[docs] def getDataItem(self): """Returns current plot item the mask is on. :rtype: Union[~silx.gui.plot.items.Item,None] """ return self._dataItem
[docs] def getDataValues(self): """Return data values, as a numpy array with the same shape as the mask. This method must be implemented in a subclass, as the way of accessing data depends on the data item passed to :meth:`setDataItem` :return: Data values associated with the data item. :rtype: numpy.ndarray """ raise NotImplementedError("To be implemented in subclass")
def _notify(self): """Notify of mask change.""" self.sigChanged.emit()
[docs] def getMask(self, copy=True): """Get the current mask as a numpy array. :param bool copy: True (default) to get a copy of the mask. If False, the returned array MUST not be modified. :return: The array of the mask with dimension of the data to be masked. :rtype: numpy.ndarray of uint8 """ return numpy.array(self._mask, copy=copy)
[docs] def setMask(self, mask, copy=True): """Set the mask to a new array. :param numpy.ndarray mask: The array to use for the mask. :type mask: numpy.ndarray of uint8, C-contiguous. Array of other types are converted. :param bool copy: True (the default) to copy the array, False to use it as is if possible. """ self._mask = numpy.array(mask, copy=copy, order='C', dtype=numpy.uint8) self._notify()
# History control
[docs] def resetHistory(self): """Reset history""" self._history = [numpy.array(self._mask, copy=True)] self._redo = [] self.sigUndoable.emit(False) self.sigRedoable.emit(False)
[docs] def commit(self): """Append the current mask to history if changed""" if (not self._history or self._redo or not numpy.array_equal(self._mask, self._history[-1])): if self._redo: self._redo = [] # Reset redo as a new action as been performed self.sigRedoable[bool].emit(False) while len(self._history) >= self.historyDepth: self._history.pop(0) self._history.append(numpy.array(self._mask, copy=True)) if len(self._history) == 2: self.sigUndoable.emit(True) self.sigStateChanged.emit()
[docs] def undo(self): """Restore previous mask if any""" if len(self._history) > 1: self._redo.append(self._history.pop()) self._mask = numpy.array(self._history[-1], copy=True) self._notify() # Do not store this change in history if len(self._redo) == 1: # First redo self.sigRedoable.emit(True) if len(self._history) == 1: # Last value in history self.sigUndoable.emit(False) self.sigStateChanged.emit()
[docs] def redo(self): """Restore previously undone modification if any""" if self._redo: self._mask = self._redo.pop() self._history.append(numpy.array(self._mask, copy=True)) self._notify() if not self._redo: # No more redo self.sigRedoable.emit(False) if len(self._history) == 2: # Something to undo self.sigUndoable.emit(True) self.sigStateChanged.emit()
# Whole mask operations
[docs] def clear(self, level): """Set all values of the given mask level to 0. :param int level: Value of the mask to set to 0. """ assert 0 < level < 256 self._mask[self._mask == level] = 0 self._notify()
[docs] def invert(self, level): """Invert mask of the given mask level. 0 values become level and level values become 0. :param int level: The level to invert. """ assert 0 < level < 256 masked = self._mask == level self._mask[self._mask == 0] = level self._mask[masked] = 0 self._notify()
[docs] def reset(self, shape=None): """Reset the mask to zero and change its shape. :param shape: Shape of the new mask with the correct dimensionality with regards to the data dimensionality, or None to have an empty mask :type shape: tuple of int """ if shape is None: # assume dimensionality never changes shape = (0,) * len(self._mask.shape) # empty array shapeChanged = (shape != self._mask.shape) self._mask = numpy.zeros(shape, dtype=numpy.uint8) if shapeChanged: self.resetHistory() self._notify()
# To be implemented
[docs] def save(self, filename, kind): """Save current mask in a file :param str filename: The file where to save to mask :param str kind: The kind of file to save (e.g 'npy') :raise Exception: Raised if the file writing fail """ raise NotImplementedError("To be implemented in subclass")
# update thresholds
[docs] def updateStencil(self, level, stencil, mask=True): """Mask/Unmask points from boolean mask: all elements that are True in the boolean mask are set to ``level`` (if ``mask=True``) or 0 (if ``mask=False``) :param int level: Mask level to update. :param stencil: Boolean mask. :type stencil: numpy.array of same dimension as the mask :param bool mask: True to mask (default), False to unmask. """ if mask: self._mask[stencil] = level else: self._mask[numpy.logical_and(self._mask == level, stencil)] = 0 self._notify()
[docs] def updateBelowThreshold(self, level, threshold, mask=True): """Mask/unmask all points whose values are below a threshold. :param int level: :param float threshold: Threshold :param bool mask: True to mask (default), False to unmask. """ self.updateStencil(level, self.getDataValues() < threshold, mask)
[docs] def updateBetweenThresholds(self, level, min_, max_, mask=True): """Mask/unmask all points whose values are in a range. :param int level: :param float min_: Lower threshold :param float max_: Upper threshold :param bool mask: True to mask (default), False to unmask. """ stencil = numpy.logical_and(min_ <= self.getDataValues(), self.getDataValues() <= max_) self.updateStencil(level, stencil, mask)
[docs] def updateAboveThreshold(self, level, threshold, mask=True): """Mask/unmask all points whose values are above a threshold. :param int level: Mask level to update. :param float threshold: Threshold. :param bool mask: True to mask (default), False to unmask. """ self.updateStencil(level, self.getDataValues() > threshold, mask)
[docs] def updateNotFinite(self, level, mask=True): """Mask/unmask all points whose values are not finite. :param int level: Mask level to update. :param bool mask: True to mask (default), False to unmask. """ self.updateStencil(level, numpy.logical_not(numpy.isfinite(self.getDataValues())), mask)
# Drawing operations:
[docs] def updateRectangle(self, level, row, col, height, width, mask=True): """Mask/Unmask data inside a rectangle, with the given mask level. :param int level: Mask level to update, in range 1-255. :param row: Starting row/y of the rectangle :param col: Starting column/x of the rectangle :param height: :param width: :param bool mask: True to mask (default), False to unmask. """ raise NotImplementedError("To be implemented in subclass")
[docs] def updatePolygon(self, level, vertices, mask=True): """Mask/Unmask data inside a polygon, with the given mask level. :param int level: Mask level to update. :param vertices: Nx2 array of polygon corners as (row, col) / (y, x) :param bool mask: True to mask (default), False to unmask. """ raise NotImplementedError("To be implemented in subclass")
[docs] def updatePoints(self, level, rows, cols, mask=True): """Mask/Unmask points with given coordinates. :param int level: Mask level to update. :param rows: Rows/ordinates (y) of selected points :type rows: 1D numpy.ndarray :param cols: Columns/abscissa (x) of selected points :type cols: 1D numpy.ndarray :param bool mask: True to mask (default), False to unmask. """ raise NotImplementedError("To be implemented in subclass")
[docs] def updateDisk(self, level, crow, ccol, radius, mask=True): """Mask/Unmask data located inside a dick of the given mask level. :param int level: Mask level to update. :param crow: Disk center row/ordinate (y). :param ccol: Disk center column/abscissa. :param float radius: Radius of the disk in mask array unit :param bool mask: True to mask (default), False to unmask. """ raise NotImplementedError("To be implemented in subclass")
[docs] def updateEllipse(self, level, crow, ccol, radius_r, radius_c, mask=True): """Mask/Unmask a disk of the given mask level. :param int level: Mask level to update. :param int crow: Row of the center of the ellipse :param int ccol: Column of the center of the ellipse :param float radius_r: Radius of the ellipse in the row :param float radius_c: Radius of the ellipse in the column :param bool mask: True to mask (default), False to unmask. """ raise NotImplementedError("To be implemented in subclass")
[docs] def updateLine(self, level, row0, col0, row1, col1, width, mask=True): """Mask/Unmask a line of the given mask level. :param int level: Mask level to update. :param row0: Row/y of the starting point. :param col0: Column/x of the starting point. :param row1: Row/y of the end point. :param col1: Column/x of the end point. :param width: Width of the line in mask array unit. :param bool mask: True to mask (default), False to unmask. """ raise NotImplementedError("To be implemented in subclass")
[docs]class BaseMaskToolsWidget(qt.QWidget): """Base class for :class:`MaskToolsWidget` (image mask) and :class:`scatterMaskToolsWidget`""" sigMaskChanged = qt.Signal() _maxLevelNumber = 255 def __init__(self, parent=None, plot=None, mask=None): """ :param parent: Parent QWidget :param plot: Plot widget on which to operate :param mask: Instance of subclass of :class:`BaseMask` (e.g. :class:`ImageMask`) """ super(BaseMaskToolsWidget, self).__init__(parent) # register if the user as force a color for the corresponding mask level self._defaultColors = numpy.ones((self._maxLevelNumber + 1), dtype=bool) # overlays colors set by the user self._overlayColors = numpy.zeros((self._maxLevelNumber + 1, 3), dtype=numpy.float32) # as parent have to be the first argument of the widget to fit # QtDesigner need but here plot can't be None by default. assert plot is not None self._plotRef = weakref.ref(plot) self._maskName = '__MASK_TOOLS_%d' % id(self) # Legend of the mask self._colormap = Colormap(normalization='linear', vmin=0, vmax=self._maxLevelNumber) self._defaultOverlayColor = rgba('gray') # Color of the mask self._setMaskColors(1, 0.5) # Set the colormap LUT if not isinstance(mask, BaseMask): raise TypeError("mask is not an instance of BaseMask") self._mask = mask self._mask.sigChanged.connect(self._updatePlotMask) self._mask.sigChanged.connect(self._emitSigMaskChanged) self._drawingMode = None # Store current drawing mode self._lastPencilPos = None self._multipleMasks = 'exclusive' self._maskFileDir = qt.QDir.home().absolutePath() self.plot.sigInteractiveModeChanged.connect( self._interactiveModeChanged) self._initWidgets() def _emitSigMaskChanged(self): """Notify mask changes""" self.sigMaskChanged.emit()
[docs] def getMaskedItem(self): """Returns the item that is currently being masked :rtype: Union[~silx.gui.plot.items.Item,None] """ return self._mask.getDataItem()
[docs] def getSelectionMask(self, copy=True): """Get the current mask as a numpy array. :param bool copy: True (default) to get a copy of the mask. If False, the returned array MUST not be modified. :return: The mask (as an array of uint8) with dimension of the 'active' plot item. If there is no active image or scatter, it returns None. :rtype: Union[numpy.ndarray,None] """ mask = self._mask.getMask(copy=copy) return None if mask.size == 0 else mask
[docs] def setSelectionMask(self, mask): """Set the mask: Must be implemented in subclass""" raise NotImplementedError()
[docs] def resetSelectionMask(self): """Reset the mask: Must be implemented in subclass""" raise NotImplementedError()
[docs] def multipleMasks(self): """Return the current mode of multiple masks support. See :meth:`setMultipleMasks` """ return self._multipleMasks
[docs] def setMultipleMasks(self, mode): """Set the mode of multiple masks support. Available modes: - 'single': Edit a single level of mask - 'exclusive': Supports to 256 levels of non overlapping masks :param str mode: The mode to use """ assert mode in ('exclusive', 'single') if mode != self._multipleMasks: self._multipleMasks = mode self._levelWidget.setVisible(self._multipleMasks != 'single') self._clearAllBtn.setVisible(self._multipleMasks != 'single')
[docs] def setMaskFileDirectory(self, path): """Set the default directory to use by load/save GUI tools The directory is also updated by the user, if he change the location of the dialog. """ self.maskFileDir = path
[docs] def getMaskFileDirectory(self): """Get the default directory used by load/save GUI tools""" return self.maskFileDir
@property def maskFileDir(self): """The directory from which to load/save mask from/to files.""" if not os.path.isdir(self._maskFileDir): self._maskFileDir = qt.QDir.home().absolutePath() return self._maskFileDir @maskFileDir.setter def maskFileDir(self, maskFileDir): self._maskFileDir = str(maskFileDir) @property def plot(self): """The :class:`.PlotWindow` this widget is attached to.""" plot = self._plotRef() if plot is None: raise RuntimeError( 'Mask widget attached to a PlotWidget that no longer exists') return plot
[docs] def setDirection(self, direction=qt.QBoxLayout.LeftToRight): """Set the direction of the layout of the widget :param direction: QBoxLayout direction """ self.layout().setDirection(direction)
def _initWidgets(self): """Create widgets""" layout = qt.QBoxLayout(qt.QBoxLayout.LeftToRight) layout.addWidget(self._initMaskGroupBox()) layout.addWidget(self._initDrawGroupBox()) layout.addWidget(self._initThresholdGroupBox()) layout.addWidget(self._initOtherToolsGroupBox()) layout.addStretch(1) self.setLayout(layout) @staticmethod def _hboxWidget(*widgets, **kwargs): """Place widgets in widget with horizontal layout :param widgets: Widgets to position horizontally :param bool stretch: True for trailing stretch (default), False for no trailing stretch :return: A QWidget with a QHBoxLayout """ stretch = kwargs.get('stretch', True) layout = qt.QHBoxLayout() layout.setContentsMargins(0, 0, 0, 0) for widget in widgets: layout.addWidget(widget) if stretch: layout.addStretch(1) widget = qt.QWidget() widget.setLayout(layout) return widget def _initTransparencyWidget(self): """ Init the mask transparency widget """ transparencyWidget = qt.QWidget(parent=self) grid = qt.QGridLayout() grid.setContentsMargins(0, 0, 0, 0) self.transparencySlider = qt.QSlider(qt.Qt.Horizontal, parent=transparencyWidget) self.transparencySlider.setRange(3, 10) self.transparencySlider.setValue(8) self.transparencySlider.setToolTip( 'Set the transparency of the mask display') self.transparencySlider.valueChanged.connect(self._updateColors) grid.addWidget(qt.QLabel('Display:', parent=transparencyWidget), 0, 0) grid.addWidget(self.transparencySlider, 0, 1, 1, 3) grid.addWidget(qt.QLabel('<small><b>Transparent</b></small>', parent=transparencyWidget), 1, 1) grid.addWidget(qt.QLabel('<small><b>Opaque</b></small>', parent=transparencyWidget), 1, 3) transparencyWidget.setLayout(grid) return transparencyWidget def _initMaskGroupBox(self): """Init general mask operation widgets""" # Mask level self.levelSpinBox = qt.QSpinBox() self.levelSpinBox.setRange(1, self._maxLevelNumber) self.levelSpinBox.setToolTip( 'Choose which mask level is edited.\n' 'A mask can have up to 255 non-overlapping levels.') self.levelSpinBox.valueChanged[int].connect(self._updateColors) self._levelWidget = self._hboxWidget(qt.QLabel('Mask level:'), self.levelSpinBox) # Transparency self._transparencyWidget = self._initTransparencyWidget() style = def getIcon(*identifiyers): for i in identifiyers: if isinstance(i, str): if qt.QIcon.hasThemeIcon(i): return qt.QIcon.fromTheme(i) elif isinstance(i, qt.QIcon): return i else: return style.standardIcon(i) return qt.QIcon() undoAction = qt.QAction(self) undoAction.setText('Undo') icon = getIcon("edit-undo", qt.QStyle.SP_ArrowBack) undoAction.setIcon(icon) undoAction.setShortcut(qt.QKeySequence.Undo) undoAction.setToolTip('Undo last mask change <b>%s</b>' % undoAction.shortcut().toString()) self._mask.sigUndoable.connect(undoAction.setEnabled) undoAction.triggered.connect(self._mask.undo) redoAction = qt.QAction(self) redoAction.setText('Redo') icon = getIcon("edit-redo", qt.QStyle.SP_ArrowForward) redoAction.setIcon(icon) redoAction.setShortcut(qt.QKeySequence.Redo) redoAction.setToolTip('Redo last undone mask change <b>%s</b>' % redoAction.shortcut().toString()) self._mask.sigRedoable.connect(redoAction.setEnabled) redoAction.triggered.connect(self._mask.redo) loadAction = qt.QAction(self) loadAction.setText('Load...') icon = icons.getQIcon("document-open") loadAction.setIcon(icon) loadAction.setToolTip('Load mask from file') loadAction.triggered.connect(self._loadMask) saveAction = qt.QAction(self) saveAction.setText('Save...') icon = icons.getQIcon("document-save") saveAction.setIcon(icon) saveAction.setToolTip('Save mask to file') saveAction.triggered.connect(self._saveMask) invertAction = qt.QAction(self) invertAction.setText('Invert') icon = icons.getQIcon("mask-invert") invertAction.setIcon(icon) invertAction.setShortcut(qt.Qt.CTRL + qt.Qt.Key_I) invertAction.setToolTip('Invert current mask <b>%s</b>' % invertAction.shortcut().toString()) invertAction.triggered.connect(self._handleInvertMask) clearAction = qt.QAction(self) clearAction.setText('Clear') icon = icons.getQIcon("mask-clear") clearAction.setIcon(icon) clearAction.setShortcut(qt.QKeySequence.Delete) clearAction.setToolTip('Clear current mask level <b>%s</b>' % clearAction.shortcut().toString()) clearAction.triggered.connect(self._handleClearMask) clearAllAction = qt.QAction(self) clearAllAction.setText('Clear all') icon = icons.getQIcon("mask-clear-all") clearAllAction.setIcon(icon) clearAllAction.setToolTip('Clear all mask levels') clearAllAction.triggered.connect(self.resetSelectionMask) # Buttons group margin1 = qt.QWidget(self) margin1.setMinimumWidth(6) margin2 = qt.QWidget(self) margin2.setMinimumWidth(6) actions = (loadAction, saveAction, margin1, undoAction, redoAction, margin2, invertAction, clearAction, clearAllAction) widgets = [] for action in actions: if isinstance(action, qt.QWidget): widgets.append(action) continue btn = qt.QToolButton() btn.setDefaultAction(action) widgets.append(btn) if action is clearAllAction: self._clearAllBtn = btn container = self._hboxWidget(*widgets) container.layout().setSpacing(1) layout = qt.QVBoxLayout() layout.addWidget(container) layout.addWidget(self._levelWidget) layout.addWidget(self._transparencyWidget) layout.addStretch(1) maskGroup = qt.QGroupBox('Mask') maskGroup.setLayout(layout) return maskGroup
[docs] def isMaskInteractionActivated(self): """Returns true if any mask interaction is activated""" return self.drawActionGroup.checkedAction() is not None
def _initDrawGroupBox(self): """Init drawing tools widgets""" layout = qt.QVBoxLayout() self.browseAction = PanModeAction(self.plot, self.plot) self.addAction(self.browseAction) # Draw tools self.rectAction = qt.QAction(icons.getQIcon('shape-rectangle'), 'Rectangle selection', self) self.rectAction.setToolTip( 'Rectangle selection tool: (Un)Mask a rectangular region <b>R</b>') self.rectAction.setShortcut(qt.QKeySequence(qt.Qt.Key_R)) self.rectAction.setCheckable(True) self.rectAction.triggered.connect(self._activeRectMode) self.addAction(self.rectAction) self.ellipseAction = qt.QAction(icons.getQIcon('shape-ellipse'), 'Circle selection', self) self.ellipseAction.setToolTip( 'Rectangle selection tool: (Un)Mask a circle region <b>R</b>') self.ellipseAction.setShortcut(qt.QKeySequence(qt.Qt.Key_R)) self.ellipseAction.setCheckable(True) self.ellipseAction.triggered.connect(self._activeEllipseMode) self.addAction(self.ellipseAction) self.polygonAction = qt.QAction(icons.getQIcon('shape-polygon'), 'Polygon selection', self) self.polygonAction.setShortcut(qt.QKeySequence(qt.Qt.Key_S)) self.polygonAction.setToolTip( 'Polygon selection tool: (Un)Mask a polygonal region <b>S</b><br>' 'Left-click to place new polygon corners<br>' 'Left-click on first corner to close the polygon') self.polygonAction.setCheckable(True) self.polygonAction.triggered.connect(self._activePolygonMode) self.addAction(self.polygonAction) self.pencilAction = qt.QAction(icons.getQIcon('draw-pencil'), 'Pencil tool', self) self.pencilAction.setShortcut(qt.QKeySequence(qt.Qt.Key_P)) self.pencilAction.setToolTip( 'Pencil tool: (Un)Mask using a pencil <b>P</b>') self.pencilAction.setCheckable(True) self.pencilAction.triggered.connect(self._activePencilMode) self.addAction(self.pencilAction) self.drawActionGroup = qt.QActionGroup(self) self.drawActionGroup.setExclusive(True) self.drawActionGroup.addAction(self.rectAction) self.drawActionGroup.addAction(self.ellipseAction) self.drawActionGroup.addAction(self.polygonAction) self.drawActionGroup.addAction(self.pencilAction) actions = (self.browseAction, self.rectAction, self.ellipseAction, self.polygonAction, self.pencilAction) drawButtons = [] for action in actions: btn = qt.QToolButton() btn.setDefaultAction(action) drawButtons.append(btn) container = self._hboxWidget(*drawButtons) layout.addWidget(container) # Mask/Unmask radio buttons maskRadioBtn = qt.QRadioButton('Mask') maskRadioBtn.setToolTip( 'Drawing masks with current level. Press <b>Ctrl</b> to unmask') maskRadioBtn.setChecked(True) unmaskRadioBtn = qt.QRadioButton('Unmask') unmaskRadioBtn.setToolTip( 'Drawing unmasks with current level. Press <b>Ctrl</b> to mask') self.maskStateGroup = qt.QButtonGroup() self.maskStateGroup.addButton(maskRadioBtn, 1) self.maskStateGroup.addButton(unmaskRadioBtn, 0) self.maskStateWidget = self._hboxWidget(maskRadioBtn, unmaskRadioBtn) layout.addWidget(self.maskStateWidget) self.maskStateWidget.setHidden(True) # Pencil settings self.pencilSetting = self._createPencilSettings(None) self.pencilSetting.setVisible(False) layout.addWidget(self.pencilSetting) layout.addStretch(1) drawGroup = qt.QGroupBox('Draw tools') drawGroup.setLayout(layout) return drawGroup def _createPencilSettings(self, parent=None): pencilSetting = qt.QWidget(parent) self.pencilSpinBox = qt.QSpinBox(parent=pencilSetting) self.pencilSpinBox.setRange(1, 1024) pencilToolTip = """Set pencil drawing tool size in pixels of the image on which to make the mask.""" self.pencilSpinBox.setToolTip(pencilToolTip) self.pencilSlider = qt.QSlider(qt.Qt.Horizontal, parent=pencilSetting) self.pencilSlider.setRange(1, 50) self.pencilSlider.setToolTip(pencilToolTip) pencilLabel = qt.QLabel('Pencil size:', parent=pencilSetting) layout = qt.QGridLayout() layout.addWidget(pencilLabel, 0, 0) layout.addWidget(self.pencilSpinBox, 0, 1) layout.addWidget(self.pencilSlider, 1, 1) pencilSetting.setLayout(layout) self.pencilSpinBox.valueChanged.connect(self._pencilWidthChanged) self.pencilSlider.valueChanged.connect(self._pencilWidthChanged) return pencilSetting def _initThresholdGroupBox(self): """Init thresholding widgets""" self.belowThresholdAction = qt.QAction(icons.getQIcon('plot-roi-below'), 'Mask below threshold', self) self.belowThresholdAction.setToolTip( 'Mask image where values are below given threshold') self.belowThresholdAction.setCheckable(True) self.belowThresholdAction.setChecked(True) self.betweenThresholdAction = qt.QAction(icons.getQIcon('plot-roi-between'), 'Mask within range', self) self.betweenThresholdAction.setToolTip( 'Mask image where values are within given range') self.betweenThresholdAction.setCheckable(True) self.aboveThresholdAction = qt.QAction(icons.getQIcon('plot-roi-above'), 'Mask above threshold', self) self.aboveThresholdAction.setToolTip( 'Mask image where values are above given threshold') self.aboveThresholdAction.setCheckable(True) self.thresholdActionGroup = qt.QActionGroup(self) self.thresholdActionGroup.setExclusive(True) self.thresholdActionGroup.addAction(self.belowThresholdAction) self.thresholdActionGroup.addAction(self.betweenThresholdAction) self.thresholdActionGroup.addAction(self.aboveThresholdAction) self.thresholdActionGroup.triggered.connect( self._thresholdActionGroupTriggered) self.loadColormapRangeAction = qt.QAction(icons.getQIcon('view-refresh'), 'Set min-max from colormap', self) self.loadColormapRangeAction.setToolTip( 'Set min and max values from current colormap range') self.loadColormapRangeAction.setCheckable(False) self.loadColormapRangeAction.triggered.connect( self._loadRangeFromColormapTriggered) widgets = [] for action in self.thresholdActionGroup.actions(): btn = qt.QToolButton() btn.setDefaultAction(action) widgets.append(btn) spacer = qt.QWidget(parent=self) spacer.setSizePolicy(qt.QSizePolicy.Expanding, qt.QSizePolicy.Preferred) widgets.append(spacer) loadColormapRangeBtn = qt.QToolButton() loadColormapRangeBtn.setDefaultAction(self.loadColormapRangeAction) widgets.append(loadColormapRangeBtn) toolBar = self._hboxWidget(*widgets, stretch=False) config = qt.QGridLayout() config.setContentsMargins(0, 0, 0, 0) self.minLineLabel = qt.QLabel("Min:", self) self.minLineEdit = FloatEdit(self, value=0) config.addWidget(self.minLineLabel, 0, 0) config.addWidget(self.minLineEdit, 0, 1) self.maxLineLabel = qt.QLabel("Max:", self) self.maxLineEdit = FloatEdit(self, value=0) config.addWidget(self.maxLineLabel, 1, 0) config.addWidget(self.maxLineEdit, 1, 1) self.applyMaskBtn = qt.QPushButton('Apply mask') self.applyMaskBtn.clicked.connect(self._maskBtnClicked) layout = qt.QVBoxLayout() layout.addWidget(toolBar) layout.addLayout(config) layout.addWidget(self.applyMaskBtn) layout.addStretch(1) self.thresholdGroup = qt.QGroupBox('Threshold') self.thresholdGroup.setLayout(layout) # Init widget state self._thresholdActionGroupTriggered(self.belowThresholdAction) return self.thresholdGroup # track widget visibility and plot active image changes def _initOtherToolsGroupBox(self): layout = qt.QVBoxLayout() self.maskNanBtn = qt.QPushButton('Mask not finite values') self.maskNanBtn.setToolTip('Mask Not a Number and infinite values') self.maskNanBtn.clicked.connect(self._maskNotFiniteBtnClicked) layout.addWidget(self.maskNanBtn) layout.addStretch(1) self.otherToolGroup = qt.QGroupBox('Other tools') self.otherToolGroup.setLayout(layout) return self.otherToolGroup
[docs] def changeEvent(self, event): """Reset drawing action when disabling widget""" if (event.type() == qt.QEvent.EnabledChange and not self.isEnabled() and self.drawActionGroup.checkedAction()): # Disable drawing tool by setting interaction to zoom self.browseAction.trigger()
[docs] def save(self, filename, kind): """Save current mask in a file :param str filename: The file where to save to mask :param str kind: The kind of file to save in 'edf', 'tif', 'npy' :raise Exception: Raised if the process fails """, kind)
[docs] def getCurrentMaskColor(self): """Returns the color of the current selected level. :rtype: A tuple or a python array """ currentLevel = self.levelSpinBox.value() if self._defaultColors[currentLevel]: return self._defaultOverlayColor else: return self._overlayColors[currentLevel].tolist()
def _setMaskColors(self, level, alpha): """Set-up the mask colormap to highlight current mask level. :param int level: The mask level to highlight :param float alpha: Alpha level of mask in [0., 1.] """ assert 0 < level <= self._maxLevelNumber colors = numpy.empty((self._maxLevelNumber + 1, 4), dtype=numpy.float32) # Set color colors[:,:3] = self._defaultOverlayColor[:3] # check if some colors has been directly set by the user mask = numpy.equal(self._defaultColors, False) colors[mask,:3] = self._overlayColors[mask,:3] # Set alpha colors[:, -1] = alpha / 2. # Set highlighted level color colors[level, 3] = alpha # Set no mask level colors[0] = (0., 0., 0., 0.) self._colormap.setColormapLUT(colors)
[docs] def resetMaskColors(self, level=None): """Reset the mask color at the given level to be defaultColors :param level: The index of the mask for which we want to reset the color. If none we will reset color for all masks. """ if level is None: self._defaultColors[level] = True else: self._defaultColors[:] = True self._updateColors()
[docs] def setMaskColors(self, rgb, level=None): """Set the masks color :param rgb: The rgb color :param level: The index of the mask for which we want to change the color. If none set this color for all the masks """ rgb = rgba(rgb)[0:3] if level is None: self._overlayColors[:] = rgb self._defaultColors[:] = False else: self._overlayColors[level] = rgb self._defaultColors[level] = False self._updateColors()
[docs] def getMaskColors(self): """masks colors getter""" return self._overlayColors
def _updateColors(self, *args): """Rebuild mask colormap when selected level or transparency change""" self._setMaskColors(self.levelSpinBox.value(), self.transparencySlider.value() / self.transparencySlider.maximum()) self._updatePlotMask() self._updateInteractiveMode() def _pencilWidthChanged(self, width): old = self.pencilSpinBox.blockSignals(True) try: self.pencilSpinBox.setValue(width) finally: self.pencilSpinBox.blockSignals(old) old = self.pencilSlider.blockSignals(True) try: self.pencilSlider.setValue(width) finally: self.pencilSlider.blockSignals(old) self._updateInteractiveMode() def _updateInteractiveMode(self): """Update the current mode to the same if some cached data have to be updated. It is the case for the color for example. """ if self._drawingMode == 'rectangle': self._activeRectMode() elif self._drawingMode == 'ellipse': self._activeEllipseMode() elif self._drawingMode == 'polygon': self._activePolygonMode() elif self._drawingMode == 'pencil': self._activePencilMode() def _handleClearMask(self): """Handle clear button clicked: reset current level mask""" self._mask.clear(self.levelSpinBox.value()) self._mask.commit() def _handleInvertMask(self): """Invert the current mask level selection.""" self._mask.invert(self.levelSpinBox.value()) self._mask.commit() # Handle drawing tools UI events def _interactiveModeChanged(self, source): """Handle plot interactive mode changed: If changed from elsewhere, disable drawing tool """ if source is not self: self.pencilAction.setChecked(False) self.rectAction.setChecked(False) self.polygonAction.setChecked(False) self._releaseDrawingMode() self._updateDrawingModeWidgets() def _releaseDrawingMode(self): """Release the drawing mode if is was used""" if self._drawingMode is None: return self.plot.sigPlotSignal.disconnect(self._plotDrawEvent) self._drawingMode = None def _activeRectMode(self): """Handle rect action mode triggering""" self._releaseDrawingMode() self._drawingMode = 'rectangle' self.plot.sigPlotSignal.connect(self._plotDrawEvent) color = self.getCurrentMaskColor() self.plot.setInteractiveMode( 'draw', shape='rectangle', source=self, color=color) self._updateDrawingModeWidgets() def _activeEllipseMode(self): """Handle circle action mode triggering""" self._releaseDrawingMode() self._drawingMode = 'ellipse' self.plot.sigPlotSignal.connect(self._plotDrawEvent) color = self.getCurrentMaskColor() self.plot.setInteractiveMode( 'draw', shape='ellipse', source=self, color=color) self._updateDrawingModeWidgets() def _activePolygonMode(self): """Handle polygon action mode triggering""" self._releaseDrawingMode() self._drawingMode = 'polygon' self.plot.sigPlotSignal.connect(self._plotDrawEvent) color = self.getCurrentMaskColor() self.plot.setInteractiveMode('draw', shape='polygon', source=self, color=color) self._updateDrawingModeWidgets() def _getPencilWidth(self): """Returns the width of the pencil to use in data coordinates` :rtype: float """ return self.pencilSpinBox.value() def _activePencilMode(self): """Handle pencil action mode triggering""" self._releaseDrawingMode() self._drawingMode = 'pencil' self.plot.sigPlotSignal.connect(self._plotDrawEvent) color = self.getCurrentMaskColor() width = self._getPencilWidth() self.plot.setInteractiveMode( 'draw', shape='pencil', source=self, color=color, width=width) self._updateDrawingModeWidgets() def _updateDrawingModeWidgets(self): self.maskStateWidget.setVisible(self._drawingMode is not None) self.pencilSetting.setVisible(self._drawingMode == 'pencil') # Handle plot drawing events def _isMasking(self): """Returns true if the tool is used for masking, else it is used for unmasking. :rtype: bool""" # First draw event, use current modifiers for all draw sequence doMask = (self.maskStateGroup.checkedId() == 1) if qt.QApplication.keyboardModifiers() & qt.Qt.ControlModifier: doMask = not doMask return doMask # Handle threshold UI events def _thresholdActionGroupTriggered(self, triggeredAction): """Threshold action group listener.""" if triggeredAction is self.belowThresholdAction: self.minLineLabel.setVisible(True) self.maxLineLabel.setVisible(False) self.minLineEdit.setVisible(True) self.maxLineEdit.setVisible(False) self.applyMaskBtn.setText("Mask below") elif triggeredAction is self.betweenThresholdAction: self.minLineLabel.setVisible(True) self.maxLineLabel.setVisible(True) self.minLineEdit.setVisible(True) self.maxLineEdit.setVisible(True) self.applyMaskBtn.setText("Mask between") elif triggeredAction is self.aboveThresholdAction: self.minLineLabel.setVisible(False) self.maxLineLabel.setVisible(True) self.minLineEdit.setVisible(False) self.maxLineEdit.setVisible(True) self.applyMaskBtn.setText("Mask above") self.applyMaskBtn.setToolTip(triggeredAction.toolTip()) def _maskBtnClicked(self): if self.belowThresholdAction.isChecked(): if self.minLineEdit.text(): self._mask.updateBelowThreshold(self.levelSpinBox.value(), self.minLineEdit.value()) self._mask.commit() elif self.betweenThresholdAction.isChecked(): if self.minLineEdit.text() and self.maxLineEdit.text(): min_ = self.minLineEdit.value() max_ = self.maxLineEdit.value() self._mask.updateBetweenThresholds(self.levelSpinBox.value(), min_, max_) self._mask.commit() elif self.aboveThresholdAction.isChecked(): if self.maxLineEdit.text(): max_ = float(self.maxLineEdit.value()) self._mask.updateAboveThreshold(self.levelSpinBox.value(), max_) self._mask.commit() def _maskNotFiniteBtnClicked(self): """Handle not finite mask button clicked: mask NaNs and inf""" self._mask.updateNotFinite( self.levelSpinBox.value()) self._mask.commit()
[docs]class BaseMaskToolsDockWidget(qt.QDockWidget): """Base class for :class:`MaskToolsWidget` and :class:`ScatterMaskToolsWidget`. For integration in a :class:`PlotWindow`. :param parent: See :class:`QDockWidget` :paran str name: The title of this widget """ sigMaskChanged = qt.Signal() def __init__(self, parent=None, name='Mask', widget=None): super(BaseMaskToolsDockWidget, self).__init__(parent) self.setWindowTitle(name) if not isinstance(widget, BaseMaskToolsWidget): raise TypeError("BaseMaskToolsDockWidget requires a MaskToolsWidget") self.setWidget(widget) self.widget().sigMaskChanged.connect(self._emitSigMaskChanged) self.layout().setContentsMargins(0, 0, 0, 0) self.dockLocationChanged.connect(self._dockLocationChanged) self.topLevelChanged.connect(self._topLevelChanged) def _emitSigMaskChanged(self): """Notify mask changes""" # must be connected to self.widget().sigMaskChanged in child class self.sigMaskChanged.emit()
[docs] def getSelectionMask(self, copy=True): """Get the current mask as a 2D array. :param bool copy: True (default) to get a copy of the mask. If False, the returned array MUST not be modified. :return: The array of the mask with dimension of the 'active' image. If there is no active image, an empty array is returned. :rtype: 2D numpy.ndarray of uint8 """ return self.widget().getSelectionMask(copy=copy)
[docs] def setSelectionMask(self, mask, copy=True): """Set the mask to a new array. :param numpy.ndarray mask: The array to use for the mask. :type mask: numpy.ndarray of uint8 of dimension 2, C-contiguous. Array of other types are converted. :param bool copy: True (the default) to copy the array, False to use it as is if possible. :return: None if failed, shape of mask as 2-tuple if successful. The mask can be cropped or padded to fit active image, the returned shape is that of the active image. """ return self.widget().setSelectionMask(mask, copy=copy)
[docs] def resetSelectionMask(self): """Reset the mask to an array of zeros with the shape of the current data.""" self.widget().resetSelectionMask()
[docs] def toggleViewAction(self): """Returns a checkable action that shows or closes this widget. See :class:`QMainWindow`. """ action = super(BaseMaskToolsDockWidget, self).toggleViewAction() action.setIcon(icons.getQIcon('image-mask')) action.setToolTip("Display/hide mask tools") return action
def _dockLocationChanged(self, area): if area in (qt.Qt.LeftDockWidgetArea, qt.Qt.RightDockWidgetArea): direction = qt.QBoxLayout.TopToBottom else: direction = qt.QBoxLayout.LeftToRight self.widget().setDirection(direction) def _topLevelChanged(self, topLevel): if topLevel: self.widget().setDirection(qt.QBoxLayout.LeftToRight) self.resize(self.widget().minimumSize()) self.adjustSize()
[docs] def showEvent(self, event): """Make sure this widget is raised when it is shown (when it is first created as a tab in PlotWindow or when it is shown again after hiding). """ self.raise_()