silx 2.1.0#

silx provides applications and Python modules to support the development of data assessment, reduction and analysis at synchrotron radiation facilities. It provides reading/writing tools for different file formats, data reduction routines and a set of Qt widgets to browse and visualise data.


You can install silx via pip, conda or on Linux with the following commands:

pip install silx[full]
conda install -c conda-forge silx
sudo apt-get install silx

Download Windows installer or decompress the silx ZIP archive.


silx view


Unified viewer supporting HDF5, SPEC and image file formats

silx compare


User interface to compare 2D data from files

silx convert

Converter of legacy file formats into HDF5 file

Python modules#


Qt widgets
  • 1D and 2D visualization widgets and associated tools

  • OpenGL-based 3D visualization widgets

  • A unified HDF5, SPEC and image data file browser and n-dimensional dataset viewer


OpenCL-based data processing
  • Image alignment (SIFT)

  • Image processing (median filter, histogram)

  • Filtered backprojection for tomography

Supporting HDF5, SPEC and FabIO images file formats


Data reduction: histogramming, fitting, median filter